Ezee Graphic Designer - a silkenmermaid software product
Mac / Windows PC


Activate Ezee Graphic Designer for Mac OS X License

Your License Activation Instructions

1. If you haven’t already installed Ezee Graphic Designer for Mac OS X, here are instructions to install Ezee Graphic Designer for Mac OS X. You don’t need to reinstall if you have already installed the free trial.

2. If you haven’t yet purchased Ezee Graphic Designer for Mac OS X, first purchase it here.

3. If Ezee Graphic Designer is running on your Mac, open Ezee Graphic Designer > Register... menu at the top as shown in the following image. After this, go to step 5.

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4. If Ezee Graphic Designer isn’t running on your Mac, run Ezee Graphic Designer.  Your application will lie in Applications folder or Downloads folder or wherever you installed it following the installation instructions.

5. Enter the license activation code that you received when you made your purchase, and then click Register Code. You can copy and paste the code instead of entering it manually.

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You can uninstall Ezee Graphic Designer at any time with a few mouse clicks.

Ezee Graphic Designer is also available for Windows PC.

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Questions or problems? Please email ezeegd@silkenmermaid.com